Artist Statement

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In my prints, I create a world of light within water. I have a real love for the textures and shapes of fishing ropes, sea shells, and netting that wash up on the beach. 


I think a lot about light and darkness when making these prints: Light reflecting on water, light in the cracks and crevices between darker areas in tidepools or on the ocean floor. The ocean is always changing in color and intensity and is never still. Even on the darkest days, the sea has light, a light that, for me, represents hope.


My prints are primarily collagraphs because I am drawn to the sculptural qualities and rich range of color I can achieve in this way of working. I collect materials that I then use to build a low-relief plate which serves as a matrix for my printing process. I think of my plates as sculptures in their own right. I ink my plates and put them through the press covered with 100% cotton rag paper. The enormous pressure from the drum of the press bed pushes the materials from the plate into the paper, leaving an embossed print. Afterwards, painting the prints gives me the option to vary my images with changes in color, value, and texture.

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I grew up in Cape Elizabeth, on the coast of Maine, where I spent countless hours by the ocean, swimming, walking the beach in all seasons, collecting shells and sea glass, enthralled by the ever-changing light and movement of the waves. My work is largely influenced by the emotions and memories of these spaces and other natural environments. In my art I share these moments of happiness and hope: the floating shadows you see submerged underneath a wave, the red tinge behind your eyelids while lifting your face to the sun, the pattern of a honeycomb or a fishing net, and all the beautiful shapes, forms, and color in nature. 


My work is shown widely in New England, in New York, and beyond. I am currently represented in New York by Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC), and in Lowell, MA, by Loading Dock Gallery and Gallery Z. I have a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and currently live in Lowell, MA.