Artist Statement

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In my prints, I create a world of light within water. I have a real love for the textures and shapes of fishing ropes, sea shells, and netting that wash up on the beach. 


I think a lot about light and darkness when making these prints: Light reflecting on water, light in the cracks and crevices between darker areas in tidepools or on the ocean floor. The ocean is always changing in color and intensity and is never still. Even on the darkest days, the sea has light, a light that, for me, represents hope.


My prints are primarily collagraphs because I am drawn to the sculptural qualities and rich range of color I can achieve in this way of working. I collect materials that I then use to build a low-relief plate which serves as a matrix for my printing process. I think of my plates as sculptures in their own right. I ink my plates and put them through the press covered with 100% cotton rag paper. The enormous pressure from the drum of the press bed pushes the materials from the plate into the paper, leaving an embossed print. Afterwards, painting the prints gives me the option to vary my images with changes in color, value, and texture.

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I am a painter and printmaker with a passionate interest in and dedication to the arts, arts organizing, and public art initiatives. My work has been shown widely throughout the United States. I am currently a member of Loading Dock Gallery and work as the gallery's Facebook Social Media Manager. I am a voting member and Social Media Chair of Amesbury Cultural Council. Previously, I worked for community arts organizations in Boston, Dorchester, and Cambridge, developing programming and writing grants as well as teaching art to elementary students in several of Boston's public schools. I have a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I currently live in Lowell, MA. 

Brooke Lambert CV


2017        BFA, Massachusetts College of Art and Design 


2020        Member of Loading Dock Gallery, Lowell, MA

2020        Member of Amesbury Cultural Council, Amesbury,                        MA

2020        Resident Printmaker at The Art Center, Dover, NH


2021        Postcards From the Edge

               Loading Dock Gallery, Lowell, MA

2021        July Members Show

               Union of Maine Visual Artists Gallery, Portland, ME

2021        Earthly Elements / Wind, Water, Fire Earth

               Gallery Z, Lowell, MA

2021        BWAC Prints: National Juried Annual Printmaking Show

               Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Brooklyn,                     NY

2021        Impressions VI: Annual Printmaking Show

               Gallery Twist, Lexington, MA

2021        Full Bloom

               Loading Dock Gallery, Lowell, MA

2021        Colors of Spring

               Gallery Z, Lowell, MA

2021        ON PAPER: Printmaking, Book Arts, and Beyond

               Kay Daugherty Gallery, Annmarie Sculpture

               Garden & Arts Center, Solomons, MD

2021        Color Play

               Loading Dock Gallery, Lowell, MA

2021        Modesty

               Loading Dock Gallery, Lowell, MA

2020       Kids First Center Holiday Bloom Auction 

               Kids First Center, Scarborough, ME

2020       Winter Lights

               Loading Dock Gallery, Lowell, MA

2020       On the Edge of Light 

               Amesbury City Hall, Amesbury, MA              

2020       Mixed Media Exhibition

               The Art Center, Dover, NH    

2020       Solo Show: Collagraph Prints and Paintings

               Willy Nilly, South Portland, ME

2020       Solo Show: Collagraph Prints and Paintings

               CIA Cafe South Portland, ME & Saco, ME

2020       Solo Show: Weeds & Wildflowers Drawings & Map Prints

               Arcadia Kitchen & Bath, Scarborough, ME

2020        Solo Show: Kids First Visiting Artist Exhibition
               Kids First Center, Scarborough, ME

2019        Kids First Holiday Bloom Fundraiser Featured Artist
               Grace, Portland, ME

2019        Solo Show: Collagraph Prints: "Wild Ocean"

               Video Creators Lounge, Melrose, MA    

2019        Collagraph Prints and Paintings
               Bunny Fain Gallery, Providence, RI 

2019        Solo Show: Collagraph Prints: “Impressions of Wonder”
               Newton Free Library Gallery, Newton, MA

2018        Solo Show: Collagraph Prints: "Under the Surface"
               Stier Family Gallery, Cape Elizabeth, ME 

2018        Solo Show: Collagraph Prints: “Submergence”               

               Diesel Cafe, Somerville, MA 

2017        Solo Show: Collagraph Prints, “Sea Changes at 1369”
               1369 Coffeehouse, Cambridge, MA 

2017        Solo Show: “Sea Changes at the Local Buzz”
               Local Buzz, Cape Elizabeth, ME 

2017        Solo Show: “Sea Changes”
               CIA Café, South Portland, ME 

2017        Senior Show
               Massachusetts College of Art and Design 

2017, 2016, 2015

               All School Show
               Massachusetts College of Art and Design

2017, 2016, 2015

               Open House Show
               Massachusetts College of Art and Design

2016        “There is a Garden, and It Exists”
               Distillery Gallery, Boston, MA (Co-Curator) 

Juried Public Art & Awarded Grants 

2020          "It's Electric!" Electrical Box

                  Amesbury Cultural Council, Amesbury, MA

2018           "Creative Bridges: Counselor Training Program" Grant

                   Dot Art, Dorchester, MA

2018           "Red Line" Electrical Box Grant

                   Greater Ashmont Mainstreets, Dorchester, MA

2018           "Ashmont Cycles" Electrical Box Grant 

                  Greater Ashmont Mainstreets, Dorchester, MA

Honors and Awards 

2017        Foundation Auction Award
               Massachusetts College of Art and Design