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I am now offering Private Printmaking Lessons

at The Art Center in Dover, NH!

Learn any medium of printmaking in a one-on-one lesson!

Whether you are a first time printmaker or a seasoned professional artist, one-on-one classes at The Art Center Printmaking Studio will help you learn skills and techniques, give you inspiration and confidence to create your own work and elevate your artist practice.

Is there a printmaking technique you have always wanted to try? Do you have a project that you want to bring to the next level? Classes are based on individual artists’ interests and goals and can cover any medium of printmaking The Art Center has available. These mediums include: linocut, woodcut, etching, and monoprint.

If there is a printmaking process you are looking to explore, reach out to The Art Center to request your class!

To Register:

Non-Members Two Hour Fee: $200


The Art Center Members Two Hour Fee: $170

The Art Center will provide use of the press & printshop equipment, brayers, palette knives, and all cleaning materials.

Students are responsible for bringing their own printing materials (plates, blocks, carving and other tools, ink, and paper.

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