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Watercolor Private Events

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Create beautiful paintings with watercolor in the comfort of your own home!


Bring your friends together for a watercolor paint party! Learn to paint with watercolor at your own pace in a fun and relaxing environment. In this engaging and collaborative workshop you will learn to paint observational floral paintings.  We will cover techniques in color mixing, observational painting, composition, wet on wet and wet on dry techniques, masking, pressing, shading, light techniques, ink washes, and pattern making.

You and your guests will come away from this event with beautiful watercolor paintings of your own and a greater understanding and appreciation for the medium of watercolor. 


All materials will be provided. 


Events are 2.5 hours and can be set around your schedule.

Contact me to set up your event time.


$300 (includes all class materials) up to 6 students

$375 (includes all class materials) 6-12 students

Events more than an hour drive from Lowell, MA will require an additional travel fee. 

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